Enter Shikari - Tribalism

Shikari was a third generation Aztec, his tribe accepting human reality
it was the basis of their ability, to sustain with human tranquility
but civilizations encouraged religions which in turn introduced depravity
and that was as big a realization as when my boy Newton discovered gravity
cos it transformed the way we bounce about on a daily basis
not content with a doubt about the knowledge of who's up there
quick! give him a name, a trident, and a chair sharpish
what happened to wonder?
why can't we accept we're not capable of thunder?
so we welcome the lies with open arms
and we turn into suckers when they turn on the charms
Postat av: sandra

okej men det var ju snyggt, jotack jag vet jag har ett par likadana med silikonkant och jag hade strumpbyxorna under istället.. big no! xD

2011-04-27 @ 17:22:40
URL: http://sandraluukinen.blogg.se/

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