I quote Hanna Beth

"sometimes i find myself spiraling out of control. getting too consumed with my own thoughts.. obsessions.. trapped in the bubble of life.. looking for any way out.. just to escape the reality.. you have to face your fears. know that everything is just a moment in time.. new memories will be formed.. new crushes.. new journeys.. it's all one giant adventure.. i don't take anything too seriously anymore.. i do what i want to do.. everything is happening for a reason & i know it always works out.. it always works out.. i am in love with life. what more could a girl ask for?"
/hanna beth

precis så känner jag. måste sluta ta livet på så stort allvar & bara leva istället, do what I love liksom.
Postat av: Martina

Men du, det lät som en riktigt klok brud! Sluta oroa sig för mycket och bara ha så roligt man kan istället!^^

2011-01-28 @ 13:52:22
URL: http://mistermartina.blogg.se/
Postat av: EpicWaste

cool blogg:D

2011-01-29 @ 23:54:18
URL: http://epicwaste.blogg.se/

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